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Support Lynne Torgerson for Congress against radical Islamist Keith Ellison and Ron Paul Libertarian Chris Fields

April, 2012

Re: If conservatives don’t support the right values, there isn’t
anyone else left who will do so. Therefore, we must! And,
we must do so for the rest of our lives.

Dear Friends and Family:

I hope this finds you well.

My name is Lynne Torgerson, and I am running to be Congresswomen for the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota. I am seeking to uphold the Constitution, keep America secure, and defeat incumbent Keith Ellison.

I want to begin by thanking all of you for your faithful support over these years, your generous donations, and your words of encouragement. I am very grateful. You have helped support and strengthen our Conservative Cause.

I have realized something lately . . . If Conservatives do not stand up for the right values, who will? No one, that is who. Therefore, we must. We must stand up for the right values, and, we must do so for the rest of our lives. If we don’t, there is no one who will. And then, our values will not be represented in the United States. And, it is our values that have made America great. Therefore, we must fight to keep our values ruling and reigning. They have given us all of the freedoms under which we live. We lived in the most blessed Country on earth. We are the best, safest, most free, and most prosperous Country on earth. I want to help keep it that way.

We must never give up. . . quitters never win, and winners never quit!
Will you help give me the opportunity to defeat progressives by making a contribution to my campaign? Any amount from $25 to the legal maximum of $2500 will help support our righteous cause.

And, we shall eventually win in this district, against radical Islamist Keith Ellison. I am in this for the long haul.

Keith Ellison is a radical Islamist. What is a radical Islamist? A radical Islamist is someone who wants to have Sharia Law supreme in the United States, and will use political means or terror, to accomplish that goal. Keith Ellison, when asked, refuses to say that our cherished US Constitution should remain supreme over Sharia Law. He also recently said that the US will eventually have no borders. Well, if the US has no borders, there is no United States of America! What an anti-American thing for a sitting US Congressman to say.

Keith Ellison is also tied to CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, which has been a named co-conspirator to funding terrorism, in the Holy Land Foundation Trial, which resulted in convictions for sending $12,000,000.00 to the terrorist organization Hamas. Keith Ellison is the keynote speaker for CAIR annual dinners. CAIR also helps Keith Ellison raise campaign funds. So, we have a sitting Congressman who helps a named co-conspirator to funding terrorism raise funds!

I am running against him.

With Ellison in Congress, America’s security is in jeopardy!

Will you help give me the chance to defeat Keith Ellison by making a contribution to my campaign? Any amount from $25 to the legal maximum of $2500 will give me an edge I need in the race against one of the most radical congressmen our country has ever seen.

We also need to keep Ron Paul Libertarians out of the Republican Party! It appears that they are trying to take over my district, and perhaps the Minnesota Republican State Party. I have been told that there is a majority of delegates in my district who are Libertarians! We cannot let this happen. Libertarians are PROGRESSIVES! For example, they say they:

Want to get rid of the Patriot Act!
Want to get rid of the TSA!
Don’t want to support our friend and ally Israel!
Want to legalize illegal drugs
Want to legalize prostitution
Bring all the troops home
They are anti-war
Don’t want to prevent a nuclear Iran
Won’t protect the life of the unborn with legislation
Are pro gay rights

What? These are PROGRESSIVE positions. They have no business in the Republican Party. And, now, one of them is challenging me for the Republican endorsement.

Will you help me work to defeat the Ron Paul Libertarians . . . the one who says that he wishes Israel does not exist? Any amount from $25 to the legal maximum of $2500 will strengthen our position against such wrongful positions.
Friends and family, it is now time for you to get involved! Please attend your local Republican meetings. Take on leadership positions in the Republican Party, and, run for office. Do not turn the leadership of our beloved Country to liberals, progressives, and radical Islamists!

To remind you, I am a true conservative who will adhere strictly to being a proponent of:

• America the Beautiful
• Strong Homeland Security
• Pro-Life
• Traditional Marriage
• Israel
• Cutting Spending
• A 10% Tax Rate
• A Balanced Budget
• Our cherished US Constitution
• Fighting Radical Islamism
• Individual Responsibility

I am dedicated to standing for and protecting these values. We should be grateful to the TSA, who protects us day in and day out . . . we shouldn’t want to get rid of it. We must protect life, and protect it with legislation, as I will do. We must oppose gay rights legislation. If we do not have a strong moral foundation, it does not matter what economic policy you put on top of it, it will crumble. That is part of what is wrong with this Country today . . . our moral foundation is crumbling.

We must support our ally and friend Israel. This is in direct contrast to Keith Ellison, who always wants to help the Palestinians.

It is also critical that WE CUT SPENDING!!! The United States has the largest budget in the world, and is now in debt to the tune of $16,000,000,000,000.00! This reveals gross mismanagement!

We must also fight radical Islamism. We need to curb immigration, and enforce the laws on our books.

And, people need to get back to work, and, we need to keep businesses in the United States. With all due respect, people need to take themselves off of unemployment. They need to accept whatever job they can get, while they are looking for other work. And, business owners need to stop taking their businesses out of the US. Patriots need to keep their businesses in the US, and employ US workers.

So, we have a long haul ahead of us. I am with you in it, and, I ask you to stay on this journey with me, until we get the job done. For the record, I often win long shots.

So, my fellow Patriots, I’m turning to YOU to help me defeat Keith Ellison and the Ron Paul Libertarians. Will you help me in my campaign by making a contribution of whatever amount you are able? Any amount, from $25, $50, $100, $250, or $2500 will greatly help me in my efforts to fight back against Ellison and reclaim a seat in Congress for those who believe in the Constitution and who have America’s best interests at heart.

Please use the enclosed envelope to rush your donation to my campaign. You may also contribute at Your generous contribution will bring my campaign that much closer to unseating Ellison and installing a devoted patriot into Congress.

Thank you for your time and for standing with me for the U.S. Constitution and America’s national security.

Thank you, and God Bless You, Minnesota, and America!

Yours in freedom,

Lynne Torgerson
Candidate for United States Congress

P.S. To be sure we are better positioned for victory against this radical incumbent, we will need sacrifice and participation from fellow patriots like YOU. Will you help me in my goal of defeating Keith Ellison by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or $250 to my campaign TODAY?

You may contribute via mailing us a donation in envelope at the address below, or, on line a

Paid For By Lynne Torgerson for Congress
P.O. Box 18163
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418
(612) 886-9111

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