Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NOT Ron Paul for President: Did you know he wishes Israel doesn't exist?

Ron Paul said he thinks Israel should't exist.,7340,L-4167257,00.html  His 12 year aide says that Ron Paul says this often.  Apparently Ron Paul also thinks that the Israelis should leave and give the land to the Palestinians.  Why would Israel give its land away?  Further, isn't it true that Newt Gingrich revealed that the Palestinians are a fiction, and, Ron Paul was there when Mr. Gingrich said it?

Since the new beginning of Israel in 1948, the United States has been a major supporter of the State of Israel.  In fact, our own United States President Truman's vote was a significant help in establishing the State of Israel.  That is something that the United States has, and always should be proud of.  Further, the United States and Israel are allies and friends.  Allies and friends help each other out.  Israel helps the United States.  The United States helps Israel.  We have similar values as well.  The United States should help foster such a nation in this part of the world.  It is also good for the United States to have a strong friend in that part of the Middle East, where so many people hate the United States and its citizens, and burn our flag and our Presidents in effigy.  Why would any US Congressman encourage the giving away of land to people who hate the people of Israel and the US?  Further, the Palestinians elected for their governing body Hamas, a terrorist organization.  Why would Ron Paul have any nation give away its land to a people governed by a terrorist organization? 

Israel is the land of Israel, the Israelis, and the Jews.  That is the it is, should be, and always will be.  And, Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of Israel, which is obvious.    

Where does Ron Paul get his repugnant ideas?  How in the world does he get elected to Congress?  Ron Paul's ideas are repugnant to good and common sense.  Israel is a nation, in the land of Israel, and will always be so.  Further, that is the way it should be and, the United States should support that.  Further, the United States has a long history of assisting Israel both militarily and financially and that should continue as well.  The United States should be part of assisting this small beacon of democracy and light in this very hostile and turbulent part of the world.  Overwhelming selfishness is not the answer to our debt and budget woes.  The main guiding priniciple in what the US chooses to do or not is whether something is the right thing to do or not.         

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