Friday, October 21, 2011

People compete for jobs, jobs are not a gift

Now, I hate to take a really hard position, and take away hope from people, etc.  However, people need to realize something.  People compete for jobs.  Jobs are not given to people.  A job is not a gift.  A job is also hard work.  That is why it is called work.  It is not necessarily fun.  It is not done for pleasure.  It is not done in one's leisure time.  One is expected to show up every day, on time, and do an excellent job.   This is at any level of job.  

People also pay large amounts of money to obtain a higher education, and go to school for many years, to obtain a higher education with the hope of pursuing their calling and/or making a higher level of living.  And, there are no guarantees.  One they finish their education, they then must compete for the job they desire, and, they may spend perhaps 30 years paying back student loans.

People need to realize that they are being led down a false path of hope if they think the government is going to get them a job, or if they are waiting for the government to get them a job.  The government is not an employer.  Businesses employ people.  Government is supposed to only run government, i.e., the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch.  The government does not make and sell hamburgers, nor paper, nor gasoline, nor computers, nor chairs, nor cupboards, nor stoves.  It does not come to your house and fix your plumbing, or your furnace, etc.

The only thing government can do to help create jobs is indirectly, i.e., make our business environment better for businesses.  And thus the theory is that when businesses have more money, they employ more people.  The less a business is taxes the more money the business has, and the more people it will employ, and thus there will be more jobs.

People need to be told the truth so that they can actually make a difference in their own life and not wait for a false dream that will never come to fruition. 

Every job I have ever gotten is through my own initiative.  I have gone out and looked, applied, gone to school, applied more, then gotten jobs, and showed up daily, on time, and did an excellent job, or as excellent job as I could, to obtain and keep a job.  With all due respect, that is how it is done.  It has nothing to do with the government.

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