Monday, September 19, 2011

Golden Valley Patch publishes article on Lynne Torgerson's announcement to run for congress in Minnesota's 5th District.

Lynne Torgerson announced Sunday she would run as a Republican the office of U.S. Representative in Minnesota's Fifth Congressional District, which includes Golden Valley.
The announcement came Sept. 11 at a home-turned-campaign headquarters in northeast Minneapolis Sunday before a small gathering of supporters.
With her campaign theme song, Oh, Happy Day, playing in the background, Torgerson said she was "entering the race to stand for the moral, Judeo-Christian values the country was founded upon.
"That's our foundation, and if we don't have our foundation in place, then the economy and things aren't going to be doing so well."
Ran in 2010
Torgerson is a Minneapolis attorney
who ran against the incumbent, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, as an independent in 2010.
She expressed support for "traditional family values" and her oppositon to gay-rights legislation.
She stated her belief that "government can't create jobs, but we can create an environment in which businesses can flourish." And she said she would seek to "greatly curtail the power of the unions."
Sharia Law Charge
Torgerson went on to say:
It is important ... to support our U.S. Constitution. I think I still need to expose Keith Ellison for being a radical Islamist.
I do believe that he says he does eventually want to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia law. I recently had an opportunity to ask him in public what he believed to be supreme, the U.S. Constitution or Sharia law.
He evaded the question. He refuses to state that the U.S. Constitution should be supreme over sharia law, which is to me quite surprising.
He talked about how the Constitution has been amended and it appears that he would amend the Constitution to incorporate Sharia law.
Other Issues
Torgerson also voiced support for "green energy," "a better food supply-organic foods, non-genetically-altered foods;" reducing the national debt, and health-care reform—including the need "to reduce the power of health insurance companies dramatically."
At the end of her announcement, Torgerson proposed a toast "to victory in 2012. And if not then, 2020."

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