Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood=President Obama=CNN

The Muslim Brotherhood has long been categorized as a terrorist organization.  Further, it has made its feeling of hatred for the United States well known.  Recently, the Muslim Brotherhood was minimally, part of the uprising in Egypt.  Then, President Obama stepped in and gave support to the overthrow of President Mubarak, thus indirectly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.  President Mubarak was a long time ally of the United States. Then, regardless of the good of the United States and Egypt, CNN went on a campaign to support President Obama's position of ousting President Mubarak, and went on a campaign to try and distance the uprising from the Muslim Brotherhood.  CNN could not have cared less for the truth.  CNN had an agenda and it pushed it.  It characterized the uprising as "peaceful."  This could not be further from the truth.  Three hundred (300) people were killed.  FYI:  killing is not peaceful.  Then they kept broadcasting support for an "orderly transition."  It is impossible to be "orderly" given that there is nothing to transition to--  They are simply ousting a longstanding sitting President and not replacing him with anyone.  That creates disorder and potentially chaos.  FYI:  disorder is not order.  CNN has absolute no news or reporting integrity.  It simply has an agenda, regardless of the truth, and regardless if its position is good for America.  It simply backs President Obama, and President Obama has a muslim agenda.  FYI:  America is not Islamic and Islam is contrary to the United States Constitution.  Therefore, President Obama is contrary to the United States Constitution.  The Muslim Brotherhood, President Obama and CNN all worked toward the same goal.     

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