Monday, January 10, 2011

Jarred Loughner: Schizophrenic Assassin

I have been working in the courts for over 20 years now.  I have had the opportunity to read some of the rambling writings of Jarred Loughner.  It is obvious at first glance that he is schizophrenic.  In other words, he is mentally ill.  If one's mind is not working right, one is not going to act right.  There probably is not anything anyone could have done or not done, to prevent Jarred Loughner from doing what he did (other than of course not holding the public meeting or having surrounded the Congresswoman and others with security).  No one did anything or said anything to make him do what he did.  This was not foreseeable.  He did it because he is crazy.  It is not because someone said something.  It is not because guns are legal.  There is no law that can be passed to prevent Jarred Loughner from doing what he did.  Murder is already illegal.  He did what he did because he is mentally ill.  Now, perhaps society should do more to care for its mentally ill, perhaps not.  I have long seen how the mentally ill are committed to a psychiatric hospital for a short time, gotten medicinally compliant, gotten back to "sanity," but then turned back out onto the street where said person no longer takes his medications and quickly returns to his mentally ill state.  Regardless however, the person who is responsible for these horrendous acts is Jarred Loughner.  The murderer is responsible for his murderous acts.  People and the media need to stop blaming third parties for the wrongdoing of one.    

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  1. and you need to get a better understanding of mental illness and schizophrenia. Map out the brain-see the difference in a normal brain. Understand society failed this kid. We are as strong as our weakest link. Family, school, society, state- where are the structures in place to support an individual like this! How could people around him be so apathetic to not get him professional help? What the heck went on in his family during his developmental years? What kind of diet was he on? There are so many components that make up the equation of calamity. The mentally ill did not become ill all by themselves.
    Get a clue!


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