Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Right to Bear Arms/ Second Amendment

     I support the 2nd Amendment. This has already been established by the United States Supreme Court. I am a gun owner myself. I read a book recently, which went over the history of the 2nd Amendment.

Interestedly, the 2nd Amendment was promulgated for two reasons. One was for self defense; to protect oneself against others. The other I was surprised by. The other reason was to protect oneself from the government. I found that very interesting.

     The book also pointed out that back in the 1600 or 1700s, people were required to own a gun, and, were required to have a certain minimum amount of ammunition. If one didn't have enough ammunition, they were fined. This is the context in which the 2nd Amendment was promulgated. Hence, there is substantial historical support for the right to bear arms.

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