Sunday, August 8, 2010

Job Creation in America and Minnesota

I have three suggestions for helping the economy and adding jobs for Americans, and Minnesotan.  One, we need to export more of our products, thus bringing money into the United States.  Two, we should impose some sort of penalty, by way of tax or tariff, upon companies that outsource jobs overseas.  It must be made more expensive to do business overseas than in the United States.  Three, we need to build an underground transportation system, like the underground subway called The Metro in Washington, D.C.  It should be underground for many reasons.  First, it should be underground so that it does not clog traffic.  Second, it should be underground, because have trains on the roadway with cars is dangerous.  Just the other day I saw a car driving downtown ON THE LIGHT RAIL TRACKS.  Third, because of the weather.  The weather in Minnesota in the fall, winter and spring, particularly in the winter, is brutal, when standing outside waiting for the bus.  Being underground would keep people warm and dry.  Additionally, we need to upgrade our bridges.  Each of the suggestions would help out economy, Americans, and Minnesotans.   

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