Thursday, June 3, 2010

Israel's Decisions, as an Independent Sovereign State, Must Be Respected

Israel's decisions regarding its borders must be respected.  If the United States issued a declaration that for safety's sake, it was going to inspect all ships entering into its waters, before they were allowed to reach land, in order to ensure that the ships were not carrying weapons, or even parts to make weapons, etc., that declaration would be respected.  Simply because Israel is a smaller nation State, does not mean its declarations can be disregarded or overruled by another person or nation, simply because they disagree with Israel's decisions.  Israel is its own independent sovereign nation State, has their right and ability to make decisions for itself, and those must be respected.  Israel, like the United States, does not need anyone's permission to make and enforce such decisions. 


  1. Lynne,
    thanks for your support.

    Hope God will support you too with your aim to be a Congress' member.

    Have a nice weekend.
    Best wishes from me in Israel,
    Piny Yiftach Farju

  2. Yes indeed. Your position on Israeli rights as a nation are spot-on. I would add that Israel has the right of self-defense, and in a measured approach such defense capabilities can and should match their own perception of the threat posed to them. Likewise, Israel must be equally sure of the veracity of those that claim to be its allies. The U. S. has abrogated its support of Israel to the international community.

    I applaud and welcome your position on the rights of Israel, and your recognition of the rights of other nations when faced with questions regarding the issues arising from Israeli defense considerations and nuclear non-proliferation .


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