Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Must Stop Radical Islamists

     We must stop the radical Islamists.  We also need to be educated about them. 

     There are two (2) types of radical Islam.  The first, the one we are familiar with, involves acts of terror, maiming, and killing.  The second is a new concept to America.  We must recognize and admit that there are radical Islamists who wish to destroy America.  They have said so.  And, they have a new plan.  Their plan is to move to America, become American citizens, and infiltrate America from within.  Their eventual goal is to eliminate the US Constitution, our freedoms, and replace it with Islamic Law, also known as Sharia Law.  That is what treason is.  And, one should remember that the penalty for treason is death.  No one is allowed to overthrow the US government, or conspire to do so.  It should also be pointed out that this is not about race or religion.  Religion involves the worship of a god, and this is protected by the US Constitution.  To the contrary, the issue with radical Islamists involve their political ideology.  And, their political ideology is inconsistent with the US Constitution, American freedoms, and American laws.

     The difficult part is distinguishing between radical Islamists and American loving muslims.  I have no problem with the latter, and there should be no problem with such.  Muslims who love America, love American freedoms and the US Constitution and way of life of course should be and are welcome here.  However, we must also keep out those radical Islamists who hate America and wish to overthrow it from within.  Countries should not allow enemies to enter into their land, or become citizens, hold sensitive jobs, or run for office.   And, until we are able to identify radical Islamists from those muslims who love America, Islamic immigration must be stopped.  This is a tough message.  This is a tough remedy. But, we really have no other choice at this time.

     And, another thing that must be pointed out is that our current Congressman, Keith Ellison, has been a long time friend to radical Islamists.  Ellison has long been friends with the founders and leaders of CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations.  The founders and leaders of CAIR have been publicly quoted with saying things along the lines that they wish to replace the US Constitution with Sharia Law.  This is the second type of radical Islamism.  Evidently, subsequently realizing that their statements are seditious or treasonous, they have learned to stop sharing their opinions publicly.  However, people need to learn that CAIR is an organization hostile to the US Constitution, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech.  People also need to be told that CAIR was named coconspirator to funding terrorists, namely Hamas in Gaza.  And, people need to be told that Keith Ellison is a friend to CAIR.  People need to be told that Keith Ellison helps CAIR raise money, and that CAIR helps raise money for Keith Ellison.  In other words, it appears that Keith Ellison is friendly to people who help fund terrorists, and who are radical Islamists who wish to replace the US Constitution with Sharia Law.  Further, he has been a long time friend of same.  There is a saying that "Birds of a feather flock together."  Keith Ellison is friendly to and sympathetic to people named as conspiring to fund terrorism and radical Islamists.   

     Keith Ellison has no business in our federal government.  Keith Ellison cannot be trusted.  The real Keith Ellison needs to be exposed.

     Keith Ellison is also a friend to Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia is an enemy of the United States.  Fifteen (15) of the 19 suicide plane hijackers of 911 were from Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia is one of the most backward, vile nations on earth.  Last month, they beheaded a lawyer for practicing sorcery.  That is barbaric.  Saudi Arabia has Religious Police.  It is absurd that such things even exist on earth.  In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed in public alone.  They have to be escorted by a male relative or husband to go out in public.  Sharia Law reigns supreme in Saudia Arabia.  Saudia Arabia has the most extreme form of Islamism around, called Wahhabism.  And, Saudia Arabia is building mosques in the United States and staffing them with extreme Islamic radical Wahhabi imams.  This must be stopped.  Will Keith Ellison help protect America from these threats?  No.       

     I, Lynne Torgerson, have been working to protect the US Constitution for over 20 years.  I have represented people of all races, nationalities and religions.   I have devoted my life to helping the poor, the weak, the oppressed, people discriminated against, etc.  Those who have accused me of  bigotry or racism did so to try and besmirch my character and besmirch my run for office, to try and hurt my chances of beating Keith Ellison.  Such accusations are completely false and everyone who knows me knows they are false.  My entire life is integrated.  My friendships are integrated.  My work is integrated.  My church is integrated.  My entire life belies such accusations.  Those who made those accusations should be ashamed of themselves. 

    Again this has nothing to do with race or religion.  This is about the future of the United States of America and the US Constitution.  We must act now, or we will regret it later.  It may be 10 years later, or 80 years later.  But failure to act now will be seriously regretted.

     Vote Lynne Torgerson for Congress in November 2010.

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