Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sign Up for and Participate in Draw Mohamed Day

Dear All:

I recently came across this promotion, "Draw Mohamed Day." At first, it seems so juvenile. However, to the contrary, it is so serious. It is a part of America. It is a part of our heritage. It is a part of what our Founding Fathers fought for. It is in the first of our Bills of Rights, the First Amendment: Freedom of speech. Do you remember the Danish cartoonist? How muslims threatened to kill him and rioted after its publication? Do you know that our own Yale University wrote a book about this incident, BUT THEN WAS TOO FEARFUL TO REPUBLISH THE CARTOON? Did you hear about the recent South Park cartoon that portrayed Mohamed in a bear costume? That this was followed by veiled death threats by muslims? DO YOU KNOW THAT THEN COMEDY CENTRAL CANCELLED THE SOUTH PARK SHOW? If we in America are not publishing things out of fear, have we not already submitted? Do you know that "Islam" means "submission?" Has a part of America already died? Have we already lost some of our freedoms? This must not be. Do not allow it. Please, spread the word about Draw Mohamed Day and draw Mohamed that day and publish it!  It is Thursday, May 20, 2010.  Here is a link on Facebook:

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