Monday, May 10, 2010

Oppose the Building of a Mosque at Ground Zero

Recently, New York approved the building of a mosque at ground zero.  This decision needs to be reversed, and quickly.  It is completely inappropriate to allow the building of a mosque at ground zero.  Islamic extremists murdered 3000 people there.  There are serious problems within Islam.  It must also be recognized that Islam is not purely religion.  Rather, only a small part of it is religion.  The remainder is a political ideology, much of which even conflicts with criminal laws in the United States, and our citizens' freedoms protected by our US Constitution.  And, it is this political ideology that contributed to the murder of 3000 people at this site.  And, this political ideology will be preached at this mosque, because it is part of Islam.  Accordingly, this must be forbidden.  Also, vote Lynne Torgerson for Congress who will fight to protect America and America's freedoms.  Please also note that incumbent Keith Ellison, given his record, will not protect your rights.  Oust Keith Ellison.  This is not a left or right issue; this is America's issue.  For an excellent article on this issue, please see attached Gadi Adelman's article:  

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