Sunday, May 2, 2010

Keith Ellison Fails to Oppose a Nuclear Iran

Are you aware that every Minnesota Democrat and Republican Congressman and Congresswoman voted to sanction Iran, in order to prevent it from developing a nuclear weapon, the Iran which has expressed its desire to wipe America and Israel off the map?  Every Minnesota Democrat and Republican Congressperson voted for this sanctioning EXCEPT KEITH ELLISON.  A very good question is WHY?  Why doesn't Keith Ellison vote to sanction Iran, to prevent it from developing a nuclear weapon?  Here is the record of the vote:  click on link:  Record of Vote: 

Vote for Lynne Torgerson for Congress.  Lynne Torgerson will seek to protect America and America's freedoms.  Lynne Torgerson has been fighting to protecting constitutional freedoms for over 20 years and she will continue to protect yours.  It has been said that Lynne Torgerson is set to defeat Keith Ellison in 2010.  

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