Sunday, April 11, 2010

Opponent Keith Ellison Fails to Sign Petition Supporting Civil Rights of Muslim Apostates to be Free From Death Sentence for Leaving Islam

Opponent Keith Ellison and his CAIR leader friends, fails to protect civil rights of muslims apostates (muslims who leave Islam) from death sentences for leaving their muslim faith.  Opponent Keith Ellison and CAIR leaders were sent a petition by Former Muslims United, a United States civil rights organization, requesting that they sign a petition stating that former muslims should be protected from death threats and fatwas of death in the United States for leaving the faith of Islam.  Opponent Keith Ellison and CAIR leaders failed to sign the petition.  All these former muslims are asking is to have the same rights as the rest of Americans have:  freedom of religion.  Evidently, Opponent Keith Ellison and CAIR do not protect the civil rights of former muslims.

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